What is Collabally

Collabally is a crowd sourced platform where users can share their travel itinerary with all other users around the world. 

Users have two options , either Explore or Collaborate

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Explore or Share

Explorers would be able to search through the itineraries already available on Collabally that has been shared by people globally

Collabians on the other hand would be contributing their experiences and itineraries in order for other people to check them out

Motivation behind Collabally

The main motivation for creating Collabally is to let user/traveler get the itinerary information at a single platform. The user will benefit from the experience of others and can share their experience also in order to help others 

All this benefits to the users that also for NO ADDITIONAL COST

Collabally is and will always be free to use

After all, Sharing is Caring

How to get started on Collabally


In order to Explore , the Explorers needs to go to Collabally and check out their desired itineraries..



To become a Collabian, the user needs to sign up to Collabally and then can share their experiences and itineraries with the people all around the world. 
It is this Easy
For the Curios ones : Collabally stands for Collaboration by Ally( Friend) because A friend in need is a friend indeed
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